About me

Hi, I'm Pablo. I come from Spain, but moved around quite a bit when I was a kid, having lived for a few years in Germany, Belgium and Spain. Once I did my Abitur at the German School in Madrid, I moved to Berlin to study Civil Engineering at the Berlin Institute of Technology.

Fast-forward ten years: I work as an Admissions Manager for the Degree Programs team at ESMT Berlin, an international business school ranked amongst the top 10 European Business Schools. My main work consists of advising, screening and interviewing candidates for the Degree Programs offered at ESMT Berlin.

Having always had a hunger for tech and a deep curiosity for how things work, I begin looking for a way to shift my career into something technical. I enrolled in the 24-week fullstack part-time coding bootcamp offered by Trilogy and completed it, devoting most of my evenings and weekends to learning about modern web development. I am now looking for any opportunity to get started in the WebDev field!

I am passionate about learning and technology. I love tinkering with things (both in the virtual and real world) and am no stranger to the command line, as well as different OS environments (I grew up using MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu). In real life, I like to play the bass (inlcuding tinkering with the tuning, action, pickups), ride my bike, play videogames and am an avid sci-fi reader.

If you want to reach me, you can do so on GitHub or LinkedIn. Scroll a bit further down to see my most recent projects!

My skills

Here you will find a (probably incomplete) list of (mainly tech) skills that I am continually working on - you're never done learning!

  • Building modern, reactive frontends/UIs with React, including packages and libraries such as Create React App, Redux, React Router, React Helmet
  • Building backends and RESTful APIs using NodeJS, including packages and libraries such as Express, Sequelize, Mongoose, Webpack
  • Modern HTML and CSS, including libraries such as Bootstrap, Material UI, Ant Design, TailwindCSS, styled-components, emotion
  • Learning the JAMstack architecture/philosophy using React frameworks such as GatsbyJS and NextJS and deploying to CDNs like Netlify and Zeit Now.
  • Proficient in data analysis using Excel, including advanced features like Array formulas, Pivot tables, and the 'Power' platform - PowerQuery, PowerPivot and PowerBI. Comfortable with PowerQuery language ("M") and DAX.
  • Speak German, English and Spanish at a native level and am a curious person that loves to learn.

My projects


Help Berlin, Dönate a Döner! Simple web app built with React (incl. Hooks, Context API and reducers to handle state) and Stripe Checkout API to funnel donations to local Berlin charities. Offers one-time or subscription payments.

pfdzm Home

My own homepage, displaying a bit of info about myself, as well as a collection of my most recent projects. Built with Gatsby (+ React), deployed on Netlify.


Developed for the first project week for the ESMT Berlin Coding Bootcamp. Working in a team of 3 and using GitHub to track issues and assign work. Cooknbook queries three different APIs to retrieve nearby restaurants, display them on a map and display alternative recipe ideas (in case you're on a budget!).

Word Guess Game

A little hangman-like game built with vanilla JS, HTML and CSS. Hacker theme.


A simple quiz app to test your coding chops! Includes an easy and a 'hard' mode. Built with vanilla JS, HTML and CSS (Bootstap).

Weather Dashboard

A weather dashboard built using vanilla JS, HTML and CSS (Bootstrap). Uses the Open Weather API to query for data, displays on a LeafletJS map using Mapbox tiles.


A very simple app to utilize the full stack: backend in NodeJS, Server in Express, Persistence/Models in MySQL, Handlebars for the frontend.

Workout Tracker

A full-stack workout tracker deployed on Heroku. Uses Mongoose + MongoDB for persistence.

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